our mission as empathy advocates

As empathy advocates, we strive to make the world of technology kinder to humans in all sorts of different psychological states. We do this by learning how people handle cognitive input across the world, across different psychological spectrums, across different states of mind. And we educate others on this topic, to spread these philosophies and principles of active empathy throughout the world of technology.

our hopeful future

We’re a small number of people trying to spread a bunch of ideas under a single banner of empathy advocacy, to make the world of technology better able to account for humans as they are. That means we need people to help with spreading the ideas, doing research and analysis to help us better understand this field, and all sorts of other help (including site design, since Ryan just threw this together to get it published).

We intend to turn this into an open source project, and are working with the Good Docs Project (Ryan’s on their steering committee) as a venue for publishing and adding to this body of knowledge.